Steela Fina Speciality

There’s more to an aquatic sport event than water, and Steela Pools supplies many competition pool accessories that meet FINA’s high standards for international competitions.

Movable bulkhead

Most common in long-course/50 m pools, a moveable bulkhead allows pool managers to create separate areas for different groups or activities. Pool utilization and space management is significantly enhanced as, with the bulkhead positioned at 1/3 or 1/2 pool, the two resulting spaces can be used by different groups without interference. Unlike many systems, the Steela movable bulkhead offers the advantage of extreme accuracy. When positioned at one end, the full 50 m length can be used for swim training and competitions. Specific placements for water polo and artistic swimming create ideal fields of play consistent with FINA regulations. Drawing rigidity from its stainless-steel structure, the bulkhead spans the width of the pool and rests on two rails located externally on the deck surface. The movement is facilitated by a pair of stainless-steel flywheels located on each end of the bulkhead and a double chain mechanism that makes movement easy. Steela also supply a magnetic traction system that can be used to move and position the bulkhead mechanically. This reduces labour that would otherwise be needed to move the bulkhead manually and keeps the deck clean and clear.


MAKOStarting Blocks

MAKOStarting blocks, a Steelainnovation, help optimize race take-offs. Utilizing a stable, adjustable platform with a ramped area for the back foot, the blocks facilitate efficient, powerful track-start take-offs. Our FINA standardMAKO Start blocks are used in major international competitions and are standard equipment in pool facilities worldwide, making it possible for athletes to train on the same blocks used in competitions. Our starting block system incorporates the patented Omega platform and is compatible with the Omega Timing System and all other major timing system components. The new and improved fiberglass-based block is even more durable than before, enhancing the lifespan of the product. The high resistance fiberglass structure and the new possibility to dismantle the blocks makes for even more effective cleaning and upkeep.


Backstroke System

For safe and consistent backstroke starts at high-level competitions, Steela Pools has developed a footrest wedge system for backstroke starts. The footrest provides swimmers with firm support for race starts and eliminates the chance of the swimmers feet slipping off the wall a common problem experienced by backstrokers. The system ensures a consistently safer start, race after race, and also offers some performance advantages. The backstroke start wedge has a stainless-steel base covered with anti-slip material allowing the athlete to place both feet on the wedge in preparation for the start. The wedge rests firmly on the pool wall (or touch pad) at water level and is connected to a cable system that supports the device from the block above. The Backstroke Starting System is height adjustable (+/- 4cm from surface) depending on the preference of the swimmer. And the system is quickly removed from the block by race officials immediately after each start so as not to interfere with turns or the race finish.


Waterpolo System

The Water Polo Visual System (WVS) by Steela Pools is designed to enhance both viewing and officiating at high-level water polo events. LED lighting is used to mark the 2 m and 5 m lines required in a water polo field of play. Referees, fans and television audiences all get a clear vision of the field of play making it easier to follow the flow of the game. Prior to the introduction of the WVS, lane ropes delineated the field of play and cones were used to mark the 2 m and 5 m lines.