Steela Engineering


To be successful in our market, Modular Steela Pools had to excel in design, sales, customer service, manufacturing, logistics, project management and more. And, while we are proud of our records in all those areas, we recognize that at our core we are a manufacturer and it’s our prowess in engineering and technology that has made us world leaders.


Our engineered, modular-stainless-steel-panel-laminated-with-a-tough-durable-layer-of-PVC-system is the heart of a product that has revolutionized the aquatics industry. The competitions and gold medal performances that have followed, the fun and play that have erupted, the wellness, fitness and relaxation that have evolved… are all the result of a commitment to engineer the finest pools possible.
The information that follows looks at the long list of Modular Steela Pools technologies and advantages found in our Competition, Leisure, Hospitality and Renov Action projects.

Structural Strength

To create a pool that is lighter, stronger, fast (and funfilled), engineered stainless steel is the number one contender. For our modular panels, a high- chromium version of stainless delivers not only a great strength profile but is also highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion – obviously all key considerations for a long-lasting swimming pool.
On the inside of the pool, for protection, a durable layer of PVC is hot-rooled on the stainless steel surface. On the back panel, a protective coating is applied so the our product can prevail in even the most hostile environment. In our system, the concrete foundation and floor of the pool can be thinner and incorporate less reinforcement than in a traditional pool. The wall structure sits on a clurb perimeter in which the stainless steel panels are fixed using buttresses and robust chemical anchors. The result is an extremely resistant, self-supporting pool that is anchored to the cement curb but structurally independent from the floor.

Water Proofing Guarantee

The approximately 3000000 kg of water in an Olympic pool creates significant pressure that is able to find and exploit even the tiniest of weaknesses or openings. All of Steela’s Technologies are protected with the most effective PVC waterpooring. A combination of mechanical and chemical processs guarantees permanent protection from leaks. Te entire wall assembly, from the overflow channels to the pool bottom are waterproofed using a system of flanges and gaskets reinforced by PVC welding. The bottom of the pool employes a unique reinforced membrane, with double or triple the PVC thickness of typical products available in today’s market.
Our market-leading water proofing process outperforms other pool-build systems: pools using welded stainless steel connection are subject to corrosion and weakness around every weld ; concrete pools exposed to normal ground movement over time can erode and /or develop creacks that lead to the inevitable corrosion of the internal structure. Our laminated steel system is engineered to last (And last)

Stainless Steel Structure

The Steela Pools system begins with stainless steel. Our chromium-rich alloy offers both the strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosion needed in a pool environment. To ensure a long life, structural elements like clamps, guides, panels and ducts are securely bolted together – not welded, as steel welding can leave the framework susceptible to corrosion.


PVC Waterproofing

Offering durability and highly effective waterproofing, our stainless-steel panels are hot-rolled with a PVC laminate. All joints, floor area and spaces between wall panels are sealed to create a tight, leak-proof tank.


The Base Frame

The Base frame runs the perimeter of swimming pool and is built with bolted steel sections that form the supporting structure for the wall panels. The base is connected securely to the concrete footing using chemical anchors and can be adjusted to ensure the finished pool is perfectly level. Modular, stainless steel panels hot rolled with a layer of durable PVC, form the pool walls. Once in place, adjacent wall panels are bolted to each other and to the frames base. Similar to the aerospace industry; no welds are used in the frame assembly to avoid areas where weld corrosion could create structural weakness.



The many finishes available for Steela Pools offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. Thanks to our sturdy PVC laminate, virtually all tile, glass and stone finishes that are appropriate for pool environments can be used to customize pool design. For a wow factor, our acrylic wall panels, which are similar to glass in appearance but much more appropriate for a pool environment, more transparent and lighter, create a stunning finish.