Steela Pool

Our Steela pools are made with stainless steel. Our self-supporting structure is made of steel. Each project is exclusive. We can create zones of hydro massage, SPA, air bubble relaxation, swimming against the current. The pools can be made with wide stairs or natural stone ladders, everything is tailor-made, with an overflow, mirror or with skimmer again we adapt. The product is designed to meet all pool demands, we have no design limits. Our Inox range of swimming pools can be installed above ground, on a roof terrace or in a mountainous area. With our exclusive self-supporting system, we do not need any masonry or additional work around our pond, this saves time and of course money for our customers. In the event that the pool is installed above ground with a steel frame, we can offer you to install stainless steel panels to create a very contemporary cladding, if necessary, other materials can be used to finish the installation of the swimming pool. The stainless steel pool is durable, it is a precious object with an ultra-contemporary design and style.

Why Choose Us

Features of Stainless Steel:

  • Leakproof
  • Faster installation time due to prefabrication
  • Precision engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Low maintenance
  • Less mess
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